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OC Boat Rental Membership Overview & General Terms of Service

  1. This is an introductory service offering being offered at an extremely discounted rate. Future membership plans and renewals of this plan are subject to increased rates and modified terms of service.
  2. The membership is for one year starting from the first monthly payment.
  3. No show fee is $100 without a 24 hour notice prior to booked starting time.
  4. Members must be 18 years of age.
  5. Memberships can be shared by 1 “Authorized Member”. All members must sign a digital membership agreement and release of liability/hold harmless waiver before membership begins. Release of liability/hold harmless waivers will not be required before each rental for members and authorized members who have signed documents
  6. Black out dates and restrictions: Unlimited rentals with no blackout dates. No more than two 2 hour rentals on the booking calendar at a time.
  7. Reservations must be scheduled through our online booking system prior to 72 hours from the booking. Same day reservations may be made via phone. All bookings are subject to availability.
  8. Members must schedule appointments through our online booking system using the “Authorized Member” name and must be present at the time of booking.
  9. Members Credit Card information will be stored on-file and members agree to allow their card to be charged in case of physical damage or other financial loss.
  10. For all boat reservations, the following few bits of information will be required when booking:
    1. Members Name – Date – Start Time – Boat Size (# of passengers)  – # of hours


Rules  and  Safety Regulations

Please read each item.

  1. By renting this vessel, you acknowledge that boating poses various hazards,  which  can  cause  serious injury, death, or property damage. At all times: 1) You must remain aware of weather,  visibility,  tides, current, wind, and other factors which may affect your ability to navigate the vessel safely. 2) You mast adhere to all applicable nautical  “rules  of  the  harbor”  3)  You  must  take reasonable  measures  to  avoid risk of collision with other vessels, docks, buoys/swimmers, or other objects or things, whether fixed or floating.  4) You  must give the  right of way to all vessels  under  sail.
  2. You acknowledge that in addition to the normal  hazards  associated  with boating,  Newport Harbor poses its own hazards. You must pay careful attention to boats coming in and  out  of side channels  or slips, shallow water, floating debris, mooring lines and large vessels  that  may  be  restricted  in their ability  to  maneuver  or  see.
  3. As the operator  of  the  vessel,  you  are  the  “Captain.”  As  Captain,  you  accept  responsibility  if  you surrender  operation  of  the  vessel  to  other  passengers  on    You  are  fully  responsible  for  assuring that you and your passengers  adhere  to  all  safety  rules.  By  state  law,  all  children  under  twelve  years  of age   must  wear   a  life jacket  at  all  times  while  on  board   the vessel.
  4. Beaching the  vessel,  swimming,  or  fishing  from  the  vessel  is not allowed. No  pets  are allowed  on board at any time, except for service animals. Further,  you  must operate  the  vessel in Newport  Bay only. You may  not  operate  the  vessel in the upper Back Bay of Newport Harbor or take the vessel out  in the  open  ocean. If you  have  any questions about these navigation restrictions, you must ask the  OC Boat Rentals  representative  prior  to using  the  vessel.
  5. Operating the   vessel  under   the   influence  of  alcohol  (.08%   and   over)   or  other   drugs  is strictly prohibited.


Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement

I, the undersigned, and my passengers shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless OC Boat Rentals and  its officers, employees, landlords, lessors, or owners from and  against any  damage, loss, theft or destruction of any  equipment or property, and  against all accidents and  losses, liability and  property  or personal damages, injuries, claims, demands actions, causes, litigation or lawsuits, costs and expenses  of every  kind and nature whether or not covered by insurance, including legal fees and disbursements, arising out of and in connection with the use or operation of the rental boat. MEMBERS ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY.


OC Boats Electric Boat Usage Agreement

In the event of any unpaid rental time, overtime usage, or need for extra cleanup and/or damage to the vessel while the vessel was rented to me, I authorize OC Boat Rentals to charge the amount indicated below to my Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover account number listed. My signature below is an authorization for this charge to be made to my account in lieu of a separate signed credit or debit card authorization slip. In addition, I understand that OC Boat Rentals expressly reserves all other rights and   remedies  against me.

Late Return: is subject to an overtime fee of double the standard hourly rental rate rounded up to the next 15 minutes.

Extra Cleanup: if required, is subject to a charge equal to one-half hour of the standard rental rate.


I have carefully read the forgoing agreement and understand the contents thereof.

**Note: Your not be charged by entering your credit card info below, it is being stored in case of physical damage to boat or financial loss. Once you click the Sign Up button you will be redirected to our payment page. 

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